25 Apr

Will Content Marketing Work in the Adventure Industry?


Question 1: Just moments ago I got a message. “I work in the insurance to small businesses industry. Will content marketing help me identify prospects?” (loosely paraphrased).

Question 2: I got yet another email this morning, “Will content marketing work in the luxury products related market?”

Question 3: And yet another yesterday, “Does content marketing work in B2B as well as in B2C?

The answer is ‘Yes. Yes. And, yes.’

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Done right, content marketing is ALWAYS about your target customer finding you and you providing a solution.

There is always someone somewhere sitting and thinking and searching for an answer. If you provide the answer through your content marketing strategy… then yes, content marketing will work.

Content marketing will work in the adventure industry, in the tech support industry, in the travel industry, in the food industry, in the entertainment industry, in the (insert anything) industry.

The Only Time Content Marketing Does NOT Work
Content marketing is about creating content that satisfies an itch that your potential customer has.

The only time content marketing does not work, is when you do not provide a solution.

And if you don’t provide a solution, then you really don’t need to be found, eh?

Content marketing works.

Contact me to get started on your content marketing strategy. You know you want to.

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