25 Apr

Smart bins for smart cities by MAHINDRA SUSEN


Times Media has successfully developed a smart bin project for smart cities for ‘Mahindra Susen’ . Objective is to develop a media option to cover prime location of Metro cities through Indias very own data driven waste management solution.

Product Placement

  • i-स्वच्छ Bin strives for an aspirational looks that unlike a regular unhonoured utility trash bin, distinguishes it as an object of admiration.
  • The Product demonstrates the Governments effort to embarked on Smart City Mission and helps to involve citizens in the initiative.
  • This specific Product is more visible and demonstrable than most of the other Smarcity products.
  • It is an intelligent Bin that communicates with the user and

if it is Full, under operation or out of use.

  • It has RFID reader that allows restricted access only to the unloading, advertising and maintenance teams.
  • The i-स्वच्छ Bin locks itself in case it is full or when the compaction is in process (which is for 2 mins)
  • i-स्वच्छ Bin are designed to accept on-the-go trash generated by commuters/tourists etc. These bins do not replace the large trash bins that are placed to accept household trash. We are designing another system to capture that in our SWM solution.
  • Ideal location for placing the i-स्वच्छ Bin would be on busy streets and Market areas.
  • These Bins can be powered by Solar (indigenously functioning) or from auxiliary supply and hence can be kept indoors as well.
  • i-स्वच्छ Bins when placed on streets, would be grouted by bolts from the inside. To make the design vandal proof we have given access to all the fastners from the inside of the bin, and can be accessed only by RFID cards.
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